Hmm so uni's not picking up as much as I wanted too, oh well. What else is there to life besides uni..
I've had this same song stuck in my head for the past few days, it's really starting to bug me! But I think it's the harmonisation in the acoustic version which really got to me. Why does harmonisation sound so good?? I'm sure some music person can tell me, or even a quick google search. 
Well the song is, "Closure" by Scarlett Belle. (
Now here's a song that blew me away:, the Glee version of Lady Gaga's Pokerface, they just had two singers..and the harmony...oh the harmony!
I mean, I'm not very musically inclined at all..and I don't know why these songs make me feel so nice and lifted inside :).
I tried to do a google search just then and failed...WHY??
I really think I could convince myself to like any piece of music, just by familiarising myself with the piece. I like what I'm used to, and then when a slight variation is made to it (eg. harmonising), I just fall in love all over again! 
I suppose that's how I am with clothing I love love love gumboots, and am also fond of the trend of those similar to Doc Martin boots, so I instantly fell in love with these: 
Unfortunately, I managed to cause a tear in them whilst playing soccer at a park...(I had no other shoes :( to wear to the park..except a pair of indoor uggs..which I have since misplaced :|)
But yeah.. and that thing about people being attracted to others who look similar to them? Or to their parents? Or have qualities similar to their parents?

Does anyone see a trend here?

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