slept in this morning, then had to rush off to uni! not so great...had a pretty unproductive day..but you's life.. here's almost what i wore today
i bought this top because i loved the chain that came with it <3 (opshopped)
my gumboots which i fixed with duct tape (Y), seems to be holding up quite well :)
Yup, so this is how it was worn :), with a coat over the top..but that kind of hides yeah..
played 'murder wink' today, had a short discussion about childhood games..i swear there's one called 'dead rabbit' ??
on Monday Sally went to Judo, on Tuesday Sally purchased a blue-ray disc, on Wednesday Sally ate some migoreng, on Thursday Sally used a far sighted telescope, on Friday Sally sat on a sofa, on Saturday she drank a latte, and on Sunday she had a pearl milktea :)

have a great weekend ppls!

what's your fav childhood game?


08/27/2010 04:16

lovely boots!! :)


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