wow i've been absent for so long!
even though exams had ended, it's been ever so tiring trying to figure out my holiday
i'm off to india midjanuary :) which is very exciting! but looking for accommodation has been such a nightmare!
i suppose i'm just inexperienced..and don't know what the best way going about it is
anyhow, summer = beach :)
i went on a lil trip up to anna bay, port stephens
it is AH-MAZING up there!! check out the beaaaccchhh
i don't think that these pictures portray just how amazing it was..but they were taken when i was absolutely taken away by what i saw --> my first sight of these gorgeous amazing star-wars mars like dunes! and when we'd finally conquered the dunes and found our way to the beautiful magical beach <3

05/30/2011 12:28

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