ok so today at uni wasn't so bad..
my eyes got poked and prodded in CL class..that was a bit painful but such is life.. :)
weeekennnddd time to bludge! or do some work..but meh, bludge first! :)
my beloved scarf :) which i knitted myself! took only 10days! i'm a n00b knitter so i spent hours staring at those knitting needles..to make my phat scarf :)
i really need better photoshop skills..that's something to work on
many things to work on..
i wonder if there's a knitting class/club, i'm no good at learning things from books.. perhaps i should youtube
but i only have a very limited attention span..
a knitting buddy would be wonderful! usually it's my aunt, or cousin giving me some handy hints..it's always nice to talk to them..
dootdidoot, that is all for now, i've always hoped for there to be something that I could be really good at..but I haven't found that quite yet.. most people have their "thing", they're good at basketball..or great with people, or love to cycle, watch movies, but i haven't quite found my thing..
what's your thing?

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