how do you like your men dressed?
i think i like them more femininely dressed than most people..which is a bit of a worry..perhaps it's because i've been brought up around girls (only having attended all girls schools throughout my childhood). let me show you a few of the things i like..and a few of the things i don't like so much...i thought that my taste in guys clothing was universal! and i was pretty confident about this coat i was going to get as a present, until i asked a friend...who highly disapproved...
the ones i like:
the ones i didnt like so much:
what do you reckon? which do you prefer?

08/25/2010 04:01

I totally agree with your comment!

08/28/2010 16:55

i LOVE your watch! so classic looking but then the led digital timeface tops it off! great find!!

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12/07/2010 00:15

Clothing around the midriff is harmful to the development of the internal organs. Corsets or girdles should certainly be ruled out. The peer pressure to wear make up on such young skin can also result in problems like rashes and even acne and so ought to be resisted at all cost.


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