OK, so I'm here wasting time instead of studying, haha sorry I wanted to keep this blog positive actually, but you know..life aint always so bright and bubbly.. OK what to do today, help out  my dad, study, go to work, go home, go visit a friend at work, go to a friend's 21st, then head home and rest/study/prepare for the day to come. OH dear so many unplanned plans, must get to it! Thanks for sorting my head dear blog :p. Yes, I speak to blogs, is that normal? When I write in my diary..I treat my diary as a person, I name them names such as --> Dearest Diariana (yes, I am aware that that sounds a bit like diarrhea)

Do you name inanimate objects?


So.. at the moment I'm not really sure as to how this blogging thing works, I'm a bit of a noob, but I'm eager to give it a go this time around.. It seems that each time I start a blog it is for a different reason. I hope this one lasts, it's for random thoughts and non-personal ranting :)
TREES for instance, I love naked trees. They are so incredibly lovely! Stripped free of leaves only to expose the delicate, intricate, and mesmerizing pattern that mother nature has created. Wouldn't you agree? I could stare at naked trees all day. It was what fuelled my steps as I trekked all those walks years ago...why are some trees deciduous? What's the reason for it? Is it to save energy? Save the nutrients within the tree by inhibiting growth? Hmm..
Ok, that is all for today!


PS. Some trees I observed on a recent trip out to Mildura, VIC, Australia. Those below made my morning every time we passed them :). I love the rows, the row close up allowing more detail, and the ones in the distance appearing minimised yet ever so cute!

What are your thoughts on trees? Or what's something you think is special?