peace..where are you?
there's something i really like about this..the simplicity, the elegance, the serenity..
i think i have a sort of obsession for trees..and maybe leaves too..
be happy!
i need to learn french!
this is so very sweet too, the bracelet version <3
these are awesome pieces from PALAS :) how do you keep inner peace?
so i haven't posted in a lil' while, was going to reward myself by allowing myself to type up an entry the other night, but then, i never accomplished what i'd set out to do..so that was fail.
here's today's uni outfit.. my escape from the real world..damn the real world..
that's all for now, lots of work to do tonight!
are you also going deaf from listening to music on your mp3 player?
wow i fell asleep at like..8? 9? 10? i'm not sure..awoke at 11 only to reorientate myself in my bed, and again at 4am..realising i hadn't accomplished any work last night! ahah..and have barely done anything now.. have been distracted by these awesome dresses! saw a friend had made an amazing avant garde frock, ventured on to look at other dresses in the competition (http://www.tessutiawards.com.au), and here's my fav:
how understatedly beautiful is this! i love the detailing, those spoke like things that protrude from the dress!
and here are so more inspiring designs <3
gosh, i am so in love with the first dress <3 <3 <3
i've always wondered though, is it comfortable moving around in off the shoulder dresses? how do you move your arms around? how do you greet people with big hugs?
slept in this morning, then had to rush off to uni! not so great...had a pretty unproductive day..but you know..life's life.. here's almost what i wore today
i bought this top because i loved the chain that came with it <3 (opshopped)
my gumboots which i fixed with duct tape (Y), seems to be holding up quite well :)
Yup, so this is how it was worn :), with a coat over the top..but that kind of hides it..so yeah..
played 'murder wink' today, had a short discussion about childhood games..i swear there's one called 'dead rabbit' ??
on Monday Sally went to Judo, on Tuesday Sally purchased a blue-ray disc, on Wednesday Sally ate some migoreng, on Thursday Sally used a far sighted telescope, on Friday Sally sat on a sofa, on Saturday she drank a latte, and on Sunday she had a pearl milktea :)

have a great weekend ppls!

what's your fav childhood game?

need to get dad a fathers' day gift!!! have no idea about mens wallets and leather a4 compendiums, would like to get him both. :|, lookin around the...under $1000 mark please
that's a ralph lauren wallet, and a mont blanc compendium...
i really have no idea...and don't really think many ppl are going to get back to me on this !! lol i'll go have a look in DJs on the weekend :|, one week to go!!
what's a good brand for mens wallets and compendiums? where can i get them from?
so i'm not feeling too well, had a bit of insomnia last night, and now i think i've come up with a bit of a cold..but nevertheless, we have some good news!! :), i have found my long lost camera <3! here is it's hiding spot: 
one of my fav op shop bargains <3
and while i'm showing and telling, here's my fav watch <3, from some friends for my 21st :)
now to do some work :|...when you have a bout of insomnia..how do you get yourself to go to sleep? i tried tiring my eyes by streaming project runway..but that didn't really work..and now my immune system's pretty vulnerable..
how do you like your men dressed?
i think i like them more femininely dressed than most people..which is a bit of a worry..perhaps it's because i've been brought up around girls (only having attended all girls schools throughout my childhood). let me show you a few of the things i like..and a few of the things i don't like so much...i thought that my taste in guys clothing was universal! and i was pretty confident about this coat i was going to get as a present, until i asked a friend...who highly disapproved...
the ones i like:
the ones i didnt like so much:
what do you reckon? which do you prefer?
usually i'm obsessed with miss canada <3
but this year, i think i'm lovinngg miss boliviaa, she is adooraabllee!!
miss bolivia 2010 sosososoooo sexxyyy sulttrryy but sweeeet and fresh :)

maybe i love this picture because my favourite colour is green..
she just looks so sweet and cute here!

they did choose miss universe well this year though.. so so gorgeeouuss :)

and here's a compilation of a few of the miss canada's. my fave are 2005-2008)
i love looking at their evening gowns :) and the long earrinngs, check out my new earrings <3
sorry it's not a very good picture...i can't find my camera, so i had to use the webcam.. :)
i've heard how...people who have complicated lives bring it upon themselves, and create their own complications, and i wonder if that's me, i swear i'm not trying to make my life difficult for myself..as in, these people enjoy drama? i don't think i do...
are you one of these people? any ideas?
good morning blog! but oh dear..it is noon :|
anyhow, i've started off my 'morning' with a bit of a bludge..
i wanted to find out the election results...i still dont know them...
so i looked through my emails and decided to go through brandsexclusive..
all you pros out there, tell me if manicure sets are useful? because i think they look so cute!!
i'm thinking about the red one... this is from bijoux btw on brandseclusive :)
i've always loved bijoux's accessoriiess, they're a bit different, but completely lovable..
speaking of lovable, there were also some pairs of underpants i was eyeing..
are these practical? ive always wondered how people shop for underwear, i am ever so noob..never know what i'm looking for in the lingerie section..
ok, procrastination done, i'm off to have brekky and take a shower :)

what kind of underwear do you get? how do you know your size? do you have a manicure set?
Oops I did it again, I typed up a blog, and lost it because my laptop ran outta battery...
So, as I was saying earlier...been feeling a bit emo lately, so that explains the lack of blog entries...I was getting that insecure feeling a lot, the one where you just feel really uncomfortable on the inside, and it just fuels all these silly thoughts that make you feel even worse, but anyhow. 
Aside from that, I've been watching Australia's Next Top Model (via streaming), and I think that our Aussie models are just so much more trendy than the girl's on America's Next Top Model. BUT I have very little authority to make that statement, I've barely watched anything from the American series..
Kelsseeyy is soooo beautiful. I feel really sorry for Kimberley, she seems so clueless, and I can see why the other girls would react that way, but really, she doesn't seem so bad. They should give her more of a chance! Here she is looking ultra cute with her new hair :)   (http://www.popsugar.com.au/Australias-Next-Top-Model-Episode-3-Recap-Extreme-Makeover-Edition-9806425)
But yeah, this show aint terribly bitchy or anything, nothing like the American series. I suppose Aussies are just that bit more laid back.. Hooow do people learn their 'angles'? I wish I knew more, I'm sooo not photogenic. But that's ok, I can live with that.
So yeahh...more of the beautiful girls from the same website:
Soso gorgeeouus! I love the central lady, I'm not sure what her name is (yes, I am horrible with names, even after watching 6seasons of my favourite shows: desperate housewives, sex and the city, greys anatomy etc. I still cannot recall names..)
Wow just found other photos of them (these are my favourites right now):
So there we go :). Also today was my boy's birthday (AND I FORGOT) so that was a bit fail, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU!!
Yeah ok so this turned out to be completely about ANTM ahaha oh well. :)
ATM I wanntt one of those 4 to win <3
Good luck to them!

who's your fave ANTM2010 girl? and don't you hate it when you've fully remembered something important for the many days anticipating it, and when it finally arrives..it totally slips your mind? yeah..