I had a wonderful weekend :)
and I don't want it to end.
'Cause I can see that tomorrow's
Going to dig me into a burrow...
When I return to uni..
And end up all looney :(
It felt like a real break..a getaway..you know those weekends that feel like holidays?
See those gumboots of mine! The ones that I was saying were torn and screwed? :(
WELL, today at the markets I found some PVC tape! And I think it's going to hold the boots together quite well..but lets not jinx it, and see how it goes <3.
when do weekends feel like holidays?

i'm hungry
and reallly really sore and stiff from that exercise class
today i ventured into the inner western suburbs to Paddy's Market, the first time in 6 years!
it was so exciting!! i want to make more trips there, lots of random clothes i'll get to rummage through :)
although i am trying to save...
but yeah, next time i have a free sunday morning, ima venture there and peek around a bit! it'll be a nice change of scene from my very local strip of shops which are my main source of everything.
mother and i were searching for a huge lighter, we walked through every single aisle..in vain :(
this is what we were searching for:
i'm unsure as to whether this photo provides enough perspective, but that in the background is a regular sized wine bottle. this lighter is at least 20cm in height. isn't it lovely?
i think i should show off all the adjustments we made all my pairs of jeans :| so that they fit a bit better..
and that reveals a part of me too :), my crazy addiction for coloured jeans from 2 years ago..
trying to find ways to wear them again!
to be revealed later on :)
it was really lovely to spend time with mother :), i mean it's not like we have any deep and meaningful discussions, nor is there much gossiping.. but, it just felt good?
how do you spend time with your mother?
So, first things first, it's very difficult to wear glasses that bounce around, steam up, and fall off your face during a gym class.
But a friend of mine mentioned yesterday how she's been going to the gym a lot, and how people only ever see her in her gym attire at uni. Also, I find it so difficult to find an outfit that requires minimal changing, or most ease in changing when planning to exercise. Does anybody have any tips?
Is there a way to be trendy whilst going to the gym?
Perhaps wear your tights and your singlet, then dump a huge baggy top over that?
How about your joggers? I suppose you could just carry your joggers.. How about a jacket? Or a jumper?
Anyway, took a 'body combat' class yesterday, my first time! I get so flustered when I have no idea what's going on, I couldn't hear the instructions and it didn't feel as though the isntructor was helping us do anything correctly, it was more like watching a video tape and failing to follow..yet being unable to pause or replay. Nonetheless, I still managed to get my heart beat up, a bit of sweat, and sore muscles! It's making me so lazy, I can't be bothered doing anything today (especially get outta bed), soo....I suppose that's a good thing, I can be sure that I got a good workout :). Failing to listen to instructions, I ended up working out my right leg much more than the other, poor right leg....
OK, time to do get read for work!
Also, I thought that people could get to know me better through the outfits that show my style:
OK, I think you know me now :)
Dear Blog,
I'd like to dedicate this entry to my dearest Coat: Coaterina ..................... ok that was lame
Anyway, I am quite impressed with this coat that I purchased for a mere $39.95, it's actually not very photogenic...but I'll show you anyway. I love the texture, how it's a bit different, yet black and white, so kind of grey, and therefore easily teamed with any outfit (especially clinic like clothes, and also for days when I don't want to stand out with my bright red coat). It's quite soft and comfortable, the buttons don't continually drop off like with my other coat, it's an alright fit, it's a great length (not too long), and it is surprisingly WARM. It has shielded me from Sydney's winter. I'm not having to layer with millions of long-sleeves, and jumpers underneath, I can throw it over a tshirt/skirt/stockings and it keeps me safe from the roaring winds <3.
Thank you dear coat. I hope you last.
Nothing of mine lasts...I break everything... so we'll see how this one goes :)
If it were possible to perfect this coat, I would like: the back to be more interesting --> eg. with a flap/button or for it to be gathered. Also, I'd prefer it if the sleeves were more fitted, they feel a bit loose..if the sleeves were thinner it'd be warmer and look more balanced.
Ok, no time to chit chat any longer...
when was the last time you were surprised by a bargain buy?
welll today was quite a bludggeee, though still exhausting...
i'm feeling so terribly guilty for eating a big mac..and not exercising..really have got to learn to look after myself better!
oh well, i will do something about it this week i hope!!
more mucking around with the camera and photoshop...
whhhyyy is it that i can't control the amount i eat. my body is telling me that i'm full, but because the food is within reach, i continue to eat. i can feel myself getting sick and my stomach beginning to hurt, yet i continue to eat.. probably because it was drilled into me as a child not to waste food. but it's not the putting on weight that's the main problem, it's the really bloated and drowsy feeling that follows which inhibits my ability to do anything productive, instead i lazed around and watched my first few episodes of modern family. don't minndd it, think i need time to learn to like it like with most shows..
this top is one of my favouriites, i have no idea why..it's comfortable? and it was one of my first risky purchases..
btw i'm sure you can tell but in the photoshopping process i've stretched myself vertically, the real me is a short stump :), who is..round and flat haha. 4foot11 (Y)
any tips on how to eat appropriately?
Hi there :)
I would just like to point out that yes, I do realise that no one is answering my questions, but that is perfectly ok. I am aware that I'm pretty much talking to myself, but I suppose half of the reasons behind this blog were for myself anyway. 
I think I would like to go to Tasmania, and do an environmental conservation thing. Get to know Australia and appreciate it before I jet off way overseas. It's so true that us as Aussies tend to think about backpacking in Europe as our ideal holiday, without even having explored the beauties of our own homeland. I mean, it's not like we ever say, Heeeyyy let's caravan to Broome! I bet most people have no idea where Broome is, in fact, ok perhaps it's just me and my nature of living beneath a dense rock, but I was under the impression that Broome was located in NSW...FAIL on my behalf.
Also, what do you think of Secret keeping? "Can you keep a secret?"
That question always freaks me out, but I always think to myself, yeah..why not? But I do know that I'm probably not the best secret keeper, I am quite easily amused by things, or find small things very exciting, and therefore I tend to think of these exciting events as news! And I like to share news, share my excitement and watch other people get excited! OR, am I just a gossiper? I don't know.. haha, but yeah. I think I've improved a lot, back in the day, I thought there were no such things as secrets between best friends, and I'd let my best friend in on everything, no matter who had told me. That was back in year 7 oh dear..but I've learnt so much since then.
Yesterday I mentioned that I have clothes that I don't wear, I know most people do, especially the clothes that you purchase on impulse because you just fall in love...but then you realise, you have no idea how to wear it...
Then, there are the clothes that you are still in love with, that you've worn once, but can't wear again, because you can't wear the same outfit twice..Here's a few :(, I've been thinking of selling them, but I don't really want to let go..and I don't really know how to go about selling them...
Here's my beloved yr 12 formal dress...
and here's my beloved dress from a uni ball..but they're really sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing..and plenty more dresses alike..the best thing for them would be to find them a loving home, and for them to bring happiness to others...
so.. I have a few questions actually...
1. where's the next place you'd like to travel? and why?
2. any awesome places to volunteer you could suggest? for a uni student who attends uni 5days a week
3. can you keep a secret?
4. what do you do with the clothes you love...but can't wear again.. do you wear the same outfit twice to different parties?
So it hasn't been the greatest start to the week.. I'm trying my best to:
But that's proving quite difficult... been trying to play around with my dad's camera :| not doing so well, but it's kinda fun :)
Maybe I'll upload some pictures of clothes or something.. play around with my closet.. then get cracking on some uni stuff hopefully, I'm ever so behind, but must think positive! No more negative thoughts on this blog please! Although, I keep wondering, if people don't like having me around because I have so much negative energy, I turn up at uni all happy ready to start the day, and as soon as class begins.. I get trapped in this silly mindset that I should not delve into...
OK well that killed a lot of time! lol, too much, i must go eat my dindin now!
I was going to upload proper photos of an outfit..but that was a tad fail... so here's what I came up with :)
My outfit consisted of things that I NEVER wear, the shoes I'd worn out once but the outfit just wasn't quite right, and the coat I wore once...but really don't know how to wear, not that you'd be able to tell from this picture haha
As part of my procrastination I decided to play around with the original pics a bit...so you can actually see the clothes!
what items of clothing do you love but never wear?
my dear french relos are leaving in the morning! it was great to have one last hang out with them :)
we played hectic games of speed, and snap! can't wait to see them in france! as well as check out the fashioonn and go shopperrinng!!
i also got to meet up with a good friend of mine today :) so that was pretty cool because i rarely get to see her! got some make-up demonstrated onto my face..that's something i usually reject, but she was interested in the product. and i was pleasantly surprised, it's so very light! leaving a very natural feeling, natural looking, yet fresher face!
walked around the shops a bit...mon dieuu shoes are my weakness..
i have so many redundant pairs of heels that i barely ever wear!
the only game we had in common :)
Notice how hectic it is? it's all a bluurrr, if you're not fast enough, you'll just sit and staree..
i like some of the designs at marco gianni..but i do feel like i'm getting ripped off a lot of the time...
OK, off to bed I go. an early start tomorrow!
does anyone else have trouble making themselves go to sleep? and would rather procrastinate in exhaustion than head off to bed because they just cbb? or they feel...incomplete?
I try to justify my procrastination by telling myself that it makes me happy...
it somewhat does, but most of the time, in the end, I just feel guilty for not having done anything productive..
I've done a half-assed job at cleaning up my room, I suppose most of my clothes are in my wardrobe now and not lying around my room on the floor, in un-unpacked suitcases/carrybags, boxes..lying over chairs..on my bed..on the armchair..on the desk..on the mini garbage bin i've got.. oh dear, as I scan around the room, there's still endless amounts of clothing all over, but hey, it's an improvement?
I went searching through random drawers (most of them are open, so that I have more room to just dump stuff.. gosh I'm sooo incredibly messy.. I really doubt there's a person in the world any worse than me..
But yeah, so.. I found all these random pairs of sunglasses I've collected from over the years!
They make me happy :D, but they're not really functional, most of them don't fit me, I just found them amusing.. :)
I should post up a picture of these :)
Other than that, I've just been catching up on the hot30.. is that sad? That I have to set aside time to catch up on pop culture? People drive..and hear the radio.. I'm quite oblivious in vehicles.. I don't notice anything. I'm in my own world..
How are people so aware of the real world? I don't listen to the news, watch the news, or read the news.. I hate reading, I'm quite incompetent at it.. Is there no version of television news I can stream online for NSW Australia? If so, please let me know.. because I have no idea.. and would really like to get in touch with this world of ours! (in a lazy way of course)
So.. I'm going to take a picture of my sunnies now :) BRB
I realise that's a bit haphazard..so I tried to organise it nicely for you :)
Little things amuse me.. and I can't help but buy them..
I need a better camera.. everything looks so dingy..
Oh wells :) I think I'm going to start wearing them all again.. probably wait for summer actually..or spring
I want spring to come around.. I'm sick of winter now..
OK that's all for now, back to my procrastinating..then hopefully some productivity...
what's a good way to (lazily) keep informed about the world?
ok so today at uni wasn't so bad..
my eyes got poked and prodded in CL class..that was a bit painful but such is life.. :)
weeekennnddd time to bludge! or do some work..but meh, bludge first! :)
my beloved scarf :) which i knitted myself! took only 10days! i'm a n00b knitter so i spent hours staring at those knitting needles..to make my phat scarf :)
i really need better photoshop skills..that's something to work on
many things to work on..
i wonder if there's a knitting class/club, i'm no good at learning things from books.. perhaps i should youtube
but i only have a very limited attention span..
a knitting buddy would be wonderful! usually it's my aunt, or cousin giving me some handy hints..it's always nice to talk to them..
dootdidoot, that is all for now, i've always hoped for there to be something that I could be really good at..but I haven't found that quite yet.. most people have their "thing", they're good at basketball..or great with people, or love to cycle, watch movies, but i haven't quite found my thing..
what's your thing?