ahhhh i love chunky stuff!
and i love how these seem a tidbit geeky :)
i don't know, there's something digital or lego-y about these..
they're oversized cartoon style watches?
ehehe they make me happy, see how huge they are??
what outfit to go with it?
usually i've steered away from crazy bags like..those shaped as the eiffel tower, or animals!
but you know what...isn't it a cute concept? walking around with your crystal pet tortoise? :)
it's kind of a childish concept, parading around with your safety blanket/toy
here's what i fell in love with from http://www.neimanmarcus.com/
i think i will forever be in love with oversized clutches <3
would you ever carry around a crystal animal?
the weather's way too unpredictable in this day and age..must always dress for 4 seasons in 1 :)
what's the most effective way of dressing for all seasons?
vintage black leather belt <3
i absolutely adore vintage belts, especially if they're genuine leather, and $6! this belt is the best <3
leather belts seem to last, always. but do other leather items? do you really have to look after them?
something i was once obsessed with...
who's your ex? :p
my fav purchase from my 2nd melbourne trip <3
don't you love being able to say that something is from a special time and place?
paisley scarf - from dad from hk
blazer - opshopped
white top - supre basic
dress - handmade by my cousin
knit tights - brands united
i did my nails yesterday, yes..as usual, as part of my procrastination :)
what do you think of this colour?
what would you name it?
a group of us gathered tonight, as part of a melbourne reunion (the girls who went down the melbourne, altho i was only there for one night), but we figured, it was the congregation of us 5 girls that brought on this melbourne weather into sydney!
my very warm outfit as below :p 
i think these really represent me..camera=sentimental, glasses, love, and there's an abacus too........
black singlet top - SES from 10+ years ago
leather jacket - bardot
bat wing sweater - op-shopped
wet look tights - mink pink
leather boots - roc
necklaces - various special friends & family <3
do you also tend to pack on way too much clothing when it looks cold? i'm scared of getting sick!!
cool man!!
last night, i was bludging as always...
and stumbled upon my lil box of marc jacobs lola fragrance which i hadn't yet opened, thinking it was just an ordinary fragrance bottle..
so i decided to open it up and give it a lil whiff :D
to my surprise, there was a BAG, so that was like YAY :D
and unwrapping that..i was further surprised with a RING..so it was like.. ok..so it's just a keyring?!
then fiddling around..i realised IT OPENED!! and it smelt yummy!
and there was a tag saying solid parfum! ahaha i was so thrilled! how awesome is that?!
i should've just looked at the packaging to begin with..but oh well..that was so exciting it took me forever to get to sleep ><
you probably all know it already..but to me, it's new news!
don't you just love cute surprises? :D