cool man!!
last night, i was bludging as always...
and stumbled upon my lil box of marc jacobs lola fragrance which i hadn't yet opened, thinking it was just an ordinary fragrance bottle..
so i decided to open it up and give it a lil whiff :D
to my surprise, there was a BAG, so that was like YAY :D
and unwrapping that..i was further surprised with a it was like.. it's just a keyring?!
then fiddling around..i realised IT OPENED!! and it smelt yummy!
and there was a tag saying solid parfum! ahaha i was so thrilled! how awesome is that?!
i should've just looked at the packaging to begin with..but oh well..that was so exciting it took me forever to get to sleep ><
you probably all know it already..but to me, it's new news!
don't you just love cute surprises? :D
so i noticed this gorgeous bracelet on 'my floor is red', and it led me to this one of a kind boutique, 'les jumelle' which translates to 'the twins'
can you feel the magic?
OMGSH i'm sure i've overlooked these the spirit of procrastination, I NEED ONE OF THESE!! pleaaaaaaasse!! they're so beautiful :), i wonder if they're comfortable..they should be right? more comfortable than clip on earrings at least.
how gorgeous is this! i could wear this every single day!!
found these awesome ear cuffs here
would you wear one?
are they comfortable?
Dear Blog,
I'd like to dedicate this entry to my dearest Coat: Coaterina ..................... ok that was lame
Anyway, I am quite impressed with this coat that I purchased for a mere $39.95, it's actually not very photogenic...but I'll show you anyway. I love the texture, how it's a bit different, yet black and white, so kind of grey, and therefore easily teamed with any outfit (especially clinic like clothes, and also for days when I don't want to stand out with my bright red coat). It's quite soft and comfortable, the buttons don't continually drop off like with my other coat, it's an alright fit, it's a great length (not too long), and it is surprisingly WARM. It has shielded me from Sydney's winter. I'm not having to layer with millions of long-sleeves, and jumpers underneath, I can throw it over a tshirt/skirt/stockings and it keeps me safe from the roaring winds <3.
Thank you dear coat. I hope you last.
Nothing of mine lasts...I break everything... so we'll see how this one goes :)
If it were possible to perfect this coat, I would like: the back to be more interesting --> eg. with a flap/button or for it to be gathered. Also, I'd prefer it if the sleeves were more fitted, they feel a bit loose..if the sleeves were thinner it'd be warmer and look more balanced.
Ok, no time to chit chat any longer...
when was the last time you were surprised by a bargain buy?
I try to justify my procrastination by telling myself that it makes me happy...
it somewhat does, but most of the time, in the end, I just feel guilty for not having done anything productive..
I've done a half-assed job at cleaning up my room, I suppose most of my clothes are in my wardrobe now and not lying around my room on the floor, in un-unpacked suitcases/carrybags, boxes..lying over chairs..on my bed..on the armchair..on the desk..on the mini garbage bin i've got.. oh dear, as I scan around the room, there's still endless amounts of clothing all over, but hey, it's an improvement?
I went searching through random drawers (most of them are open, so that I have more room to just dump stuff.. gosh I'm sooo incredibly messy.. I really doubt there's a person in the world any worse than me..
But yeah, so.. I found all these random pairs of sunglasses I've collected from over the years!
They make me happy :D, but they're not really functional, most of them don't fit me, I just found them amusing.. :)
I should post up a picture of these :)
Other than that, I've just been catching up on the hot30.. is that sad? That I have to set aside time to catch up on pop culture? People drive..and hear the radio.. I'm quite oblivious in vehicles.. I don't notice anything. I'm in my own world..
How are people so aware of the real world? I don't listen to the news, watch the news, or read the news.. I hate reading, I'm quite incompetent at it.. Is there no version of television news I can stream online for NSW Australia? If so, please let me know.. because I have no idea.. and would really like to get in touch with this world of ours! (in a lazy way of course)
So.. I'm going to take a picture of my sunnies now :) BRB
I realise that's a bit I tried to organise it nicely for you :)
Little things amuse me.. and I can't help but buy them..
I need a better camera.. everything looks so dingy..
Oh wells :) I think I'm going to start wearing them all again.. probably wait for summer actually..or spring
I want spring to come around.. I'm sick of winter now..
OK that's all for now, back to my procrastinating..then hopefully some productivity...
what's a good way to (lazily) keep informed about the world?
ok so today at uni wasn't so bad..
my eyes got poked and prodded in CL class..that was a bit painful but such is life.. :)
weeekennnddd time to bludge! or do some work..but meh, bludge first! :)
my beloved scarf :) which i knitted myself! took only 10days! i'm a n00b knitter so i spent hours staring at those knitting make my phat scarf :)
i really need better photoshop skills..that's something to work on
many things to work on..
i wonder if there's a knitting class/club, i'm no good at learning things from books.. perhaps i should youtube
but i only have a very limited attention span..
a knitting buddy would be wonderful! usually it's my aunt, or cousin giving me some handy's always nice to talk to them..
dootdidoot, that is all for now, i've always hoped for there to be something that I could be really good at..but I haven't found that quite yet.. most people have their "thing", they're good at basketball..or great with people, or love to cycle, watch movies, but i haven't quite found my thing..
what's your thing?
w00t, the best thing that's happened to me all day: FOUND MY UGGS! they were under my bed... now i can wear them around the house <3 so happy! :)
ok should start being productive..its a bit late..almost 11
i've done a tiny bit of reading, really minimal actually
i spent most of my time doing other stuff..
like trying to convince myself that i like uni...
watch this (pun intended):
can you seeeeeee?? i've done a lot of procrastinating tonight...but....... I LOVE UNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do you deal with things that upset you? live in denial? try and look at the positive things? chant words that you don't really believe in?
Another swift blog entry!
Dear blogrinalda,
With a name like that, I am uncertain whether you are female or male, but that does not matter. The week is passing by quickly, and I'm afraid I'll have yet another unachieving week. Hopefully I'll get a move on soon!
SO, jewellery. People are always giving jewellery as gifts. I have quite a few accumulated from previous birthdays, however I never quite find the chance to wear them, or I tend to forget, or want to preserve its beauty by leaving it in the jewellery box.
Since meeting my cousins from France I've decided that a pretty bracelet is no use if I leave it in the box. I'm going to wear them all the time, and not bother taking them off for sleep or shower. This way I'll get maximal use out of them, as well as have constant reminders that I'm being loved :).
However most of my jewellery is silver, this doesn't match with my gold watch, so I have to wear my silver watch. But I'm not particularly in love with this silver watch...though it does have sentimental meaning, it's got the word "Believe" printed on it..that's pretty special. I suppose that's alright..ok must put up with it and stop wasting money on redundant things!

How many people have jewellery they constantly wear? Is it for sentimental reasons? Or more to make a fashion statement?
Hmm so uni's not picking up as much as I wanted too, oh well. What else is there to life besides uni..
I've had this same song stuck in my head for the past few days, it's really starting to bug me! But I think it's the harmonisation in the acoustic version which really got to me. Why does harmonisation sound so good?? I'm sure some music person can tell me, or even a quick google search. 
Well the song is, "Closure" by Scarlett Belle. (
Now here's a song that blew me away:, the Glee version of Lady Gaga's Pokerface, they just had two singers..and the harmony...oh the harmony!
I mean, I'm not very musically inclined at all..and I don't know why these songs make me feel so nice and lifted inside :).
I tried to do a google search just then and failed...WHY??
I really think I could convince myself to like any piece of music, just by familiarising myself with the piece. I like what I'm used to, and then when a slight variation is made to it (eg. harmonising), I just fall in love all over again! 
I suppose that's how I am with clothing I love love love gumboots, and am also fond of the trend of those similar to Doc Martin boots, so I instantly fell in love with these: 
Unfortunately, I managed to cause a tear in them whilst playing soccer at a park...(I had no other shoes :( to wear to the park..except a pair of indoor uggs..which I have since misplaced :|)
But yeah.. and that thing about people being attracted to others who look similar to them? Or to their parents? Or have qualities similar to their parents?

Does anyone see a trend here?

So.. at the moment I'm not really sure as to how this blogging thing works, I'm a bit of a noob, but I'm eager to give it a go this time around.. It seems that each time I start a blog it is for a different reason. I hope this one lasts, it's for random thoughts and non-personal ranting :)
TREES for instance, I love naked trees. They are so incredibly lovely! Stripped free of leaves only to expose the delicate, intricate, and mesmerizing pattern that mother nature has created. Wouldn't you agree? I could stare at naked trees all day. It was what fuelled my steps as I trekked all those walks years ago...why are some trees deciduous? What's the reason for it? Is it to save energy? Save the nutrients within the tree by inhibiting growth? Hmm..
Ok, that is all for today!


PS. Some trees I observed on a recent trip out to Mildura, VIC, Australia. Those below made my morning every time we passed them :). I love the rows, the row close up allowing more detail, and the ones in the distance appearing minimised yet ever so cute!

What are your thoughts on trees? Or what's something you think is special?