vintage black leather belt <3
i absolutely adore vintage belts, especially if they're genuine leather, and $6! this belt is the best <3
leather belts seem to last, always. but do other leather items? do you really have to look after them?
my fav purchase from my 2nd melbourne trip <3
don't you love being able to say that something is from a special time and place?
when i got the dress, i got it because i loved how there was a vine going down the back, looked like a tattoo sort of thing
dress - random asian store in bankstown
belt - ebayed
boots - roc from mum
bag - op-shopped
scarf - vintage

i've been eating so badly! dessert every night ><
do you always have dessert?
what to wear?! what to wear?! 10minutes till i have to leave the house to run for the train!!!!
ok..find something black..black goes with everything...then i can wear my awesome blue coat!
crap, it's such a crappy shape...the dress just goes straight down..
ok need to make it not so crappy..what to do?! ok shove a skirt on top
crappp thats now green and black..that doesnt go with my blue coat!
ok, scrap the coat, grab a pleather brown jacket!
ok :|
that'll do
and shove on some thick woolly stockings coz its cold
back view, puffy sleeves!
i was a bit embarrassed to list my clothing..but you know what, screw it. lol.
it's a bit of documentation for myself, that's what a blog is, not just sharing stuff, but recording things for yourselves. 
top - dress from miss shop with puffy sleeves
belt - ebayed
skirt - lady in the park gave it to me, and i shortened it
necklace - also from the lady in the park
watch - http://www.uxcell.com/
bracelet - bondi markets

how much do you love etsy newsletters (etsy finds)?
adorable embroidered girls best friend :)
this reminds me of your only black swan ;)
cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute pants!! so autumn.
and here's what i wore on satday.. 2 skirts.
yet another unproductive day
but that's ok, i'll make up for it this coming week!
left over fabric from a vintage shortened used as a scarf :)
all this blogging's inspired me to play around and be more adventurous with my clothes! today's i dont think worked out very well ahaha, but oh well, i love my scarf pattern :)

things take time.
i need more time!!
gosh the day's almost over!! ahhh
its all cold and dark outside...haha hellloooo aussie spring :p

don't you find that you have SO much more time without the internet? it's crayzeeh! too bad i'm addicted.
another day, another outfit for uni.
i was going to chuck this belt on, but then realised my shirt covered it..so i used it as a cuff instead :)
how do you like using belts as cuffs?
today was rather useless.
oh well.
i suppose we had good weather?
how does the weather affect your day?