wow i fell asleep at like..8? 9? 10? i'm not sure..awoke at 11 only to reorientate myself in my bed, and again at 4am..realising i hadn't accomplished any work last night! ahah..and have barely done anything now.. have been distracted by these awesome dresses! saw a friend had made an amazing avant garde frock, ventured on to look at other dresses in the competition (, and here's my fav:
how understatedly beautiful is this! i love the detailing, those spoke like things that protrude from the dress!
and here are so more inspiring designs <3
gosh, i am so in love with the first dress <3 <3 <3
i've always wondered though, is it comfortable moving around in off the shoulder dresses? how do you move your arms around? how do you greet people with big hugs?
08/29/2010 23:56

Love the silver "Lady Gaga - ish " dress.


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