so i was having a bad morning..
needed a distraction.
what better than transforming my dad's old shirt into something i'd wear :)
i think i took way too many pics haha but here's what i did :)
crap i didn't take a before and after photo..but i think you can imagine what it used to look like.
the transformation inspired by that petal top.
how do you cure your bad mornings?

09/06/2010 02:19

wow great DIY! it looks HOT xx

09/06/2010 04:17

I am loving that jumper. Great diy. :)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I got the boots in primark! :)SarahD

09/06/2010 12:14

those shorts and shirt are perfect ... just saying ! I absolutely adore your diy project !

<a href="">XXO. F ASHIONCONT A GIOUS</a>

09/08/2010 08:16

i LOVE this! i must try it! great idea x


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