welll today was quite a bludggeee, though still exhausting...
i'm feeling so terribly guilty for eating a big mac..and not exercising..really have got to learn to look after myself better!
oh well, i will do something about it this week i hope!!
more mucking around with the camera and photoshop...
whhhyyy is it that i can't control the amount i eat. my body is telling me that i'm full, but because the food is within reach, i continue to eat. i can feel myself getting sick and my stomach beginning to hurt, yet i continue to eat.. probably because it was drilled into me as a child not to waste food. but it's not the putting on weight that's the main problem, it's the really bloated and drowsy feeling that follows which inhibits my ability to do anything productive, instead i lazed around and watched my first few episodes of modern family. don't minndd it, think i need time to learn to like it like with most shows..
this top is one of my favouriites, i have no idea why..it's comfortable? and it was one of my first risky purchases..
btw i'm sure you can tell but in the photoshopping process i've stretched myself vertically, the real me is a short stump :), who is..round and flat haha. 4foot11 (Y)
any tips on how to eat appropriately?

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