so i'm not feeling too well, had a bit of insomnia last night, and now i think i've come up with a bit of a cold..but nevertheless, we have some good news!! :), i have found my long lost camera <3! here is it's hiding spot: 
one of my fav op shop bargains <3
and while i'm showing and telling, here's my fav watch <3, from some friends for my 21st :)
now to do some work :|...when you have a bout of do you get yourself to go to sleep? i tried tiring my eyes by streaming project runway..but that didn't really work..and now my immune system's pretty vulnerable..

08/27/2010 01:18

my best friend suffers really badly with insomnia. i reconmend no tv for at least two hours before you go to bed. do you have a bedtime routine?
lavender oil& breathing excercies


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