OMGSH i'm sure i've overlooked these the spirit of procrastination, I NEED ONE OF THESE!! pleaaaaaaasse!! they're so beautiful :), i wonder if they're comfortable..they should be right? more comfortable than clip on earrings at least.
how gorgeous is this! i could wear this every single day!!
found these awesome ear cuffs here
would you wear one?
are they comfortable?

09/07/2010 02:32

Oh, wow! These are amazing. Love the 1st one. :)sarahD

09/07/2010 07:17

oh wowwwwww! those are beautiful!! check out the repossi ones he has a fab set too!!!!

kisses from the philippines xxx

09/11/2010 07:59

wooww i sussed out their site and theres soo many things i want now! and things that would be great as gifts for friends too! definately bookmarking that one!


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