my shopping ban is struggling a bit!
had a really non-optimal day..
but yeah..
went to a really smell exercise class called boxercise :|, we had to wear gloves, and punching things which were grossly soiled with BO. also, i think i did everything wrongly, because i was a bit n00b.
anyhow, i spent the whole class trying to decide whether i liked the instructor or not lol, she seemed really enthusiastic and encouraging, but whenever i looked at her, and attempted to make eye contact, she was a bit closed off? if that made any sense.. oh well.. here are some wants! 
what i'm actually dying for.. is a nude coloured racer back tank top! :) where to find one?

09/28/2010 06:37

that exercise class sounds crazy!! im loving your wants though - great picks!


09/29/2010 05:40

very pretty peachey faded top!

09/29/2010 14:56

Ooo these are lovely! <3

09/30/2010 02:10

stay strong with the shopping ban! I went into karen walker today and said no to a handbag and a necklace. Walked out feeling so proud of myself lol

09/30/2010 02:34

wow I loove them both! lol yeah boxercise can get pretty smelly! :S

Mel Gan
11/01/2010 03:28

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Very nice dress.

01/06/2011 00:41

Happy every day in new year

05/28/2011 11:03

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06/04/2011 02:20

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