these shoes are too beautiful. most of these are Jeffrey Campbell, a few are not, spot the non JC? lol seriously amazing stuff...once I get a proper job, I'm going to be sending my money over to Mr. JC. Does he make shoes in my size? My feet are about 21.5cm long I think, UK2 - 2.5, AUS 4-5

11/12/2010 21:33

Jeffrey Campbell does have some SUPER awesome shoes!
and I know the one with the fun print on the sole is by Irregular Choice.

11/12/2010 22:11

Wow those shoes are awesome...thanks for introducing me to him

11/13/2010 03:04

these are very sexy shoes <a href="">x hivennn. Enter my giveaway? Six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway, ending tonight.</A>

11/13/2010 09:05

These shoes are amazing. LOVE the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pairs. :)SarahD

11/13/2010 11:46

now we will all have wonderful dreams of shoes!

11/13/2010 12:30

I'm in love with the second back with the cut out in the wedge, truly hoping those are Jeffrey Campbells!

11/13/2010 15:36

Oh you tease me so...

<a href="">renewvintage.blogspot</a>

11/14/2010 02:26

Haha yes I knoow. But I think that's because of the weater :P When it gets so cold and stuff haha.
But thanx for your lovely comment and I lovee jeffret campbell. still need to get a pair of shoes from him!
great post!

12/15/2010 02:03

love their shoes!


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