i am quite in love with this necklace!!
at work today, all these customers were walking in with these lovely paper shopping bags with something wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper...at first I though, oh yeah..people are just shopping around..wasn't really taking too much notice in it.. but then, seriously, like at least 10 customers walked in with these cuuute little 'lovisa' bags on their arms!
you know..this kind of paper bag..
with this logo!
in an optimistic mood, I was thinking to myself, WOW maybe there's some sort of giveaway! I must get my hands on one of these! So I approached one of the customers browsing in the store...and asked her what it was!!
She enthusiastically revealed to me that it's this new accessory store on my floor in westfield, kind of like a new Diva, but better, really good accessories for a really good price!
:) I'm excited! I didn't have time to browse because I was working...so I've decided to e-browse (Y)
one of the awesome pics off their blog
wadya reckon?

09/18/2010 08:18

ooh! i like the first chunky necklace and the wing double finger ring in the bottom row!

..and i just sussed out the site and they're opening soon in my city too! yay

09/18/2010 14:35

all of my love <3

09/19/2010 01:40

wow, I think I am in lust with allll of this jewellery, it's incredible!


09/19/2010 03:36

you have a great eye for jewellery!!! amazing xxx

09/19/2010 15:12

Lovisa??? hrrrmm haven't seen one in my local westfields but i especially like the elephant ring!

thank you for dropping by, if your aunty looked really cute for her mid 30s than I guess it can't be too bad... who knows?!?! I will have to see soon! hehe

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x Your Only Blackswan

09/20/2010 16:45

Wow that jewelry is absolutely lovely! <3

09/20/2010 20:05

i literally just bookmarked their site b/c they have an amazing selection and prices are sooo reasonable! thanks :)



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