EBAY & ETSY i can spend hours on end on..it's crazily addictive..
i bought that middle brown pair really impulsively..and now i'm sort of regretting it, not knowing if i like them anymore..even if they turn out to be duds, at least they'll be a good pair of walking shoes right?? leaatthheer hiking boots! i hope they turn out nice when they arrive..
those volatile ones i got earlier haven't arrived yet *cry cry*
i've been waiting so long! but i love it when i totally forget about an online purchase..and it just turns up at your door :)
always such a pleasant surprise! it makes you feel like a lil kid again, unwrapping the parcel!

11/02/2010 01:55

I always spend ages on ebay hunting for things I probably dont need x


11/02/2010 19:37

I'm yet to order anything off of ebay, but people seem to find such great deals on there. Did you get the boots in the first photo of of ebay as well? They're gorgeous

11/02/2010 20:01

i don't end up buying anything on ebay or etsy, but i should take the plunge soon!



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