Another swift blog entry!
Dear blogrinalda,
With a name like that, I am uncertain whether you are female or male, but that does not matter. The week is passing by quickly, and I'm afraid I'll have yet another unachieving week. Hopefully I'll get a move on soon!
SO, jewellery. People are always giving jewellery as gifts. I have quite a few accumulated from previous birthdays, however I never quite find the chance to wear them, or I tend to forget, or want to preserve its beauty by leaving it in the jewellery box.
Since meeting my cousins from France I've decided that a pretty bracelet is no use if I leave it in the box. I'm going to wear them all the time, and not bother taking them off for sleep or shower. This way I'll get maximal use out of them, as well as have constant reminders that I'm being loved :).
However most of my jewellery is silver, this doesn't match with my gold watch, so I have to wear my silver watch. But I'm not particularly in love with this silver watch...though it does have sentimental meaning, it's got the word "Believe" printed on it..that's pretty special. I suppose that's alright..ok must put up with it and stop wasting money on redundant things!

How many people have jewellery they constantly wear? Is it for sentimental reasons? Or more to make a fashion statement?

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