cool man!!
last night, i was bludging as always...
and stumbled upon my lil box of marc jacobs lola fragrance which i hadn't yet opened, thinking it was just an ordinary fragrance bottle..
so i decided to open it up and give it a lil whiff :D
to my surprise, there was a BAG, so that was like YAY :D
and unwrapping that..i was further surprised with a it was like.. it's just a keyring?!
then fiddling around..i realised IT OPENED!! and it smelt yummy!
and there was a tag saying solid parfum! ahaha i was so thrilled! how awesome is that?!
i should've just looked at the packaging to begin with..but oh well..that was so exciting it took me forever to get to sleep ><
you probably all know it already..but to me, it's new news!
don't you just love cute surprises? :D

09/09/2010 04:14

I love that perfume bottle. Nice fragrance, also! :)SarahD

09/11/2010 17:38

ohhh i would be over the moon too! always wondered what Lola smells like? is it fruity and light?? i need a new perfume...!

thank you for your lovely comment! hope to see you around soon,

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x Your Only Blackswan


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