i'm hungry
and reallly really sore and stiff from that exercise class
today i ventured into the inner western suburbs to Paddy's Market, the first time in 6 years!
it was so exciting!! i want to make more trips there, lots of random clothes i'll get to rummage through :)
although i am trying to save...
but yeah, next time i have a free sunday morning, ima venture there and peek around a bit! it'll be a nice change of scene from my very local strip of shops which are my main source of everything.
mother and i were searching for a huge lighter, we walked through every single aisle..in vain :(
this is what we were searching for:
i'm unsure as to whether this photo provides enough perspective, but that in the background is a regular sized wine bottle. this lighter is at least 20cm in height. isn't it lovely?
i think i should show off all the adjustments we made all my pairs of jeans :| so that they fit a bit better..
and that reveals a part of me too :), my crazy addiction for coloured jeans from 2 years ago..
trying to find ways to wear them again!
to be revealed later on :)
it was really lovely to spend time with mother :), i mean it's not like we have any deep and meaningful discussions, nor is there much gossiping.. but, it just felt good?
how do you spend time with your mother?
08/17/2010 04:47

hehe cute pic! xx

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