my dear french relos are leaving in the morning! it was great to have one last hang out with them :)
we played hectic games of speed, and snap! can't wait to see them in france! as well as check out the fashioonn and go shopperrinng!!
i also got to meet up with a good friend of mine today :) so that was pretty cool because i rarely get to see her! got some make-up demonstrated onto my face..that's something i usually reject, but she was interested in the product. and i was pleasantly surprised, it's so very light! leaving a very natural feeling, natural looking, yet fresher face!
walked around the shops a bit...mon dieuu shoes are my weakness..
i have so many redundant pairs of heels that i barely ever wear!
the only game we had in common :)
Notice how hectic it is? it's all a bluurrr, if you're not fast enough, you'll just sit and staree..
i like some of the designs at marco gianni..but i do feel like i'm getting ripped off a lot of the time...
OK, off to bed I go. an early start tomorrow!
does anyone else have trouble making themselves go to sleep? and would rather procrastinate in exhaustion than head off to bed because they just cbb? or they feel...incomplete?

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