good morning blog! but oh is noon :|
anyhow, i've started off my 'morning' with a bit of a bludge..
i wanted to find out the election results...i still dont know them...
so i looked through my emails and decided to go through brandsexclusive..
all you pros out there, tell me if manicure sets are useful? because i think they look so cute!!
i'm thinking about the red one... this is from bijoux btw on brandseclusive :)
i've always loved bijoux's accessoriiess, they're a bit different, but completely lovable..
speaking of lovable, there were also some pairs of underpants i was eyeing..
are these practical? ive always wondered how people shop for underwear, i am ever so noob..never know what i'm looking for in the lingerie section..
ok, procrastination done, i'm off to have brekky and take a shower :)

what kind of underwear do you get? how do you know your size? do you have a manicure set?

08/21/2010 23:49

Like your blog! Thank you for your comment. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


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