OMG ok NOW I'm enraged.
I just wrote a heaps thoughtful blog, and it's completely disappeared again. I'm not sure if I enjoy this weebly method of blogging.
Now I have no time and need to go to uni.
But I will try to squeeze everything in now.
And it must be done in dotpoints unfortunately, so I'm tearing up a bit (being a bit overemotional lately, but extremely frustrated at the moment.
It must be this keyboard that is stuffing it up. On my brother's computer. Stupid computer, stupid keyboard.

- new week, new beginning (Y)
- after a beautiful weekend at Bondi Beach
- spent with cousins I've known since I was a wee lil' kido
- also spent with 2nd cousins I've only just met a fortnight ago
- inspired to learn more about geography and culture, esp. that of France
- wondering if all individuals have the urge to get to know their
distance relatives, or if people are simply happy to know their immediate family (I suppose this has something to do with how you're brought up)
- definitely enjoying getting to know each others language, culture, and homes

What are YOUR thoughts on distant relatives, do you want to get to know them? Do you consider them family?

08/02/2010 04:32

hello there!! yes it was a very eventful day, sooo tired after it. such a nice blog u have here, its a good way to vent our your thoughts of the world and your surroundings. study hard dish and enjoy life =)

08/02/2010 04:39

ahah yeahh I was supposed to add in something about you lobiwan, but I forgot too, but yes, thanks for being great even though you were so tired..I feel so weird conversing with you via this.. haha :)


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