i challenge myself to not buy any clothes for a year! :|
i wonder how this will work out...
p.s. i've noticed people continually comment on the wrong post lol :p, yes weebly's a bit funny..commenting link is up the top, but you can click here,  i feel so honoured every time someone comments <3, thanks so much! love hearing what you have to say :)
when do you start planning to what wear for the day? the night before? the morning?

09/16/2010 07:59

I love that coat!


09/16/2010 10:07

lol ye im guilty for commenting on the wrong post hehe but yeh I shud know better cuz my commenty button is at the top too!
I love this trench coat!
i usually chuck on random things in the morning or if im going out i start planning couple hours ahead...
im in SA, not sure if you're in same state? but yeh i work at the elizabeth store :)

09/16/2010 20:17

trench coat is fabulous and love the red print blouse! you did a great job putting this look together.

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09/16/2010 22:47

great trench!

09/16/2010 23:20

wow I couldn't survive not buying clothes for a whole year! :O

Love your outfit, great trench xx

09/17/2010 01:58

Great outfit, loving the trench. Good luck with the no spending! :)sarahD

09/17/2010 07:30

Love your blog, sweety.

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