Hi there :)
I would just like to point out that yes, I do realise that no one is answering my questions, but that is perfectly ok. I am aware that I'm pretty much talking to myself, but I suppose half of the reasons behind this blog were for myself anyway. 
I think I would like to go to Tasmania, and do an environmental conservation thing. Get to know Australia and appreciate it before I jet off way overseas. It's so true that us as Aussies tend to think about backpacking in Europe as our ideal holiday, without even having explored the beauties of our own homeland. I mean, it's not like we ever say, Heeeyyy let's caravan to Broome! I bet most people have no idea where Broome is, in fact, ok perhaps it's just me and my nature of living beneath a dense rock, but I was under the impression that Broome was located in NSW...FAIL on my behalf.
Also, what do you think of Secret keeping? "Can you keep a secret?"
That question always freaks me out, but I always think to myself, yeah..why not? But I do know that I'm probably not the best secret keeper, I am quite easily amused by things, or find small things very exciting, and therefore I tend to think of these exciting events as news! And I like to share news, share my excitement and watch other people get excited! OR, am I just a gossiper? I don't know.. haha, but yeah. I think I've improved a lot, back in the day, I thought there were no such things as secrets between best friends, and I'd let my best friend in on everything, no matter who had told me. That was back in year 7 oh dear..but I've learnt so much since then.
Yesterday I mentioned that I have clothes that I don't wear, I know most people do, especially the clothes that you purchase on impulse because you just fall in love...but then you realise, you have no idea how to wear it...
Then, there are the clothes that you are still in love with, that you've worn once, but can't wear again, because you can't wear the same outfit twice..Here's a few :(, I've been thinking of selling them, but I don't really want to let go..and I don't really know how to go about selling them...
Here's my beloved yr 12 formal dress...
and here's my beloved dress from a uni ball..but they're really sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing..and plenty more dresses alike..the best thing for them would be to find them a loving home, and for them to bring happiness to others...
so.. I have a few questions actually...
1. where's the next place you'd like to travel? and why?
2. any awesome places to volunteer you could suggest? for a uni student who attends uni 5days a week
3. can you keep a secret?
4. what do you do with the clothes you love...but can't wear again.. do you wear the same outfit twice to different parties?

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