my shopping ban is struggling a bit!
had a really non-optimal day..
but yeah..
went to a really smell exercise class called boxercise :|, we had to wear gloves, and punching things which were grossly soiled with BO. also, i think i did everything wrongly, because i was a bit n00b.
anyhow, i spent the whole class trying to decide whether i liked the instructor or not lol, she seemed really enthusiastic and encouraging, but whenever i looked at her, and attempted to make eye contact, she was a bit closed off? if that made any sense.. oh well.. here are some wants! 
what i'm actually dying for.. is a nude coloured racer back tank top! :) where to find one?
wow i'm so trouser obsessed right now..and i'm not sure why!
am i crazy?
a day at work..uniform=black
do you get creative @ work?
great for lazy days :)
love the colour and the pattern of this!
btw so sorry i've been absent! have lots of blog-catching up to do! i'm capped right now, and have been swamped to uni stuff! gahh
but can't wait to read up on what everyone's been up to and what outfits everyones come up with :)
are you a bit attached to your parents' clothing?
a friend of mine showed me this:
so awesome!! spray-on clothing :)
i finally get my ring/bracelet thing :), i want a silvery one too!
it was our local spring festival today!
oh my, oily chips on a stick
and random impulse buys :|
got a new pair of earrings too :)
these were pretty amusing..
5 bucks each though!
what's your local spring fair like?




i am quite in love with this necklace!!
at work today, all these customers were walking in with these lovely paper shopping bags with something wrapped in pretty pink tissue first I though, oh yeah..people are just shopping around..wasn't really taking too much notice in it.. but then, seriously, like at least 10 customers walked in with these cuuute little 'lovisa' bags on their arms!
you know..this kind of paper bag..
with this logo!
in an optimistic mood, I was thinking to myself, WOW maybe there's some sort of giveaway! I must get my hands on one of these! So I approached one of the customers browsing in the store...and asked her what it was!!
She enthusiastically revealed to me that it's this new accessory store on my floor in westfield, kind of like a new Diva, but better, really good accessories for a really good price!
:) I'm excited! I didn't have time to browse because I was I've decided to e-browse (Y)
one of the awesome pics off their blog
wadya reckon?
so i helped out a friend by getting her these shoes..turns out it doesnt fit her so i was going to happily return them tomorrow..then a struck thought, maybe they'll fit me! :D lol...and they do..bit loose but that's ok...
to keep..or not to keep..that is the question :s
haha already not abiding to the not buying anything rule....thinking of getting some sandals tomorrow too :s
coachella espadrilles: cream, from
to keep or not to keep??????
i challenge myself to not buy any clothes for a year! :|
i wonder how this will work out...
p.s. i've noticed people continually comment on the wrong post lol :p, yes weebly's a bit funny..commenting link is up the top, but you can click here,  i feel so honoured every time someone comments <3, thanks so much! love hearing what you have to say :)
when do you start planning to what wear for the day? the night before? the morning?
i love how there are swirls on the top...AND on the buttons :)
and it's this awesome awesome electric blue!
swirls anyone?