So, first things first, it's very difficult to wear glasses that bounce around, steam up, and fall off your face during a gym class.
But a friend of mine mentioned yesterday how she's been going to the gym a lot, and how people only ever see her in her gym attire at uni. Also, I find it so difficult to find an outfit that requires minimal changing, or most ease in changing when planning to exercise. Does anybody have any tips?
Is there a way to be trendy whilst going to the gym?
Perhaps wear your tights and your singlet, then dump a huge baggy top over that?
How about your joggers? I suppose you could just carry your joggers.. How about a jacket? Or a jumper?
Anyway, took a 'body combat' class yesterday, my first time! I get so flustered when I have no idea what's going on, I couldn't hear the instructions and it didn't feel as though the isntructor was helping us do anything correctly, it was more like watching a video tape and failing to follow..yet being unable to pause or replay. Nonetheless, I still managed to get my heart beat up, a bit of sweat, and sore muscles! It's making me so lazy, I can't be bothered doing anything today (especially get outta bed), soo....I suppose that's a good thing, I can be sure that I got a good workout :). Failing to listen to instructions, I ended up working out my right leg much more than the other, poor right leg....
OK, time to do get read for work!
Also, I thought that people could get to know me better through the outfits that show my style:
OK, I think you know me now :)

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