So it hasn't been the greatest start to the week.. I'm trying my best to:
But that's proving quite difficult... been trying to play around with my dad's camera :| not doing so well, but it's kinda fun :)
Maybe I'll upload some pictures of clothes or something.. play around with my closet.. then get cracking on some uni stuff hopefully, I'm ever so behind, but must think positive! No more negative thoughts on this blog please! Although, I keep wondering, if people don't like having me around because I have so much negative energy, I turn up at uni all happy ready to start the day, and as soon as class begins.. I get trapped in this silly mindset that I should not delve into...
OK well that killed a lot of time! lol, too much, i must go eat my dindin now!
I was going to upload proper photos of an outfit..but that was a tad fail... so here's what I came up with :)
My outfit consisted of things that I NEVER wear, the shoes I'd worn out once but the outfit just wasn't quite right, and the coat I wore once...but really don't know how to wear, not that you'd be able to tell from this picture haha
As part of my procrastination I decided to play around with the original pics a you can actually see the clothes!
what items of clothing do you love but never wear?

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