Dear Blog,
I'd like to dedicate this entry to my dearest Coat: Coaterina ..................... ok that was lame
Anyway, I am quite impressed with this coat that I purchased for a mere $39.95, it's actually not very photogenic...but I'll show you anyway. I love the texture, how it's a bit different, yet black and white, so kind of grey, and therefore easily teamed with any outfit (especially clinic like clothes, and also for days when I don't want to stand out with my bright red coat). It's quite soft and comfortable, the buttons don't continually drop off like with my other coat, it's an alright fit, it's a great length (not too long), and it is surprisingly WARM. It has shielded me from Sydney's winter. I'm not having to layer with millions of long-sleeves, and jumpers underneath, I can throw it over a tshirt/skirt/stockings and it keeps me safe from the roaring winds <3.
Thank you dear coat. I hope you last.
Nothing of mine lasts...I break everything... so we'll see how this one goes :)
If it were possible to perfect this coat, I would like: the back to be more interesting --> eg. with a flap/button or for it to be gathered. Also, I'd prefer it if the sleeves were more fitted, they feel a bit loose..if the sleeves were thinner it'd be warmer and look more balanced.
Ok, no time to chit chat any longer...
when was the last time you were surprised by a bargain buy?

08/19/2010 07:39

that is a beautiful coat!


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