usually i'm obsessed with miss canada <3
but this year, i think i'm lovinngg miss boliviaa, she is adooraabllee!!
miss bolivia 2010 sosososoooo sexxyyy sulttrryy but sweeeet and fresh :)

maybe i love this picture because my favourite colour is green..
she just looks so sweet and cute here!

they did choose miss universe well this year though.. so so gorgeeouuss :)

and here's a compilation of a few of the miss canada's. my fave are 2005-2008)
i love looking at their evening gowns :) and the long earrinngs, check out my new earrings <3
sorry it's not a very good picture...i can't find my camera, so i had to use the webcam.. :)
i've heard how...people who have complicated lives bring it upon themselves, and create their own complications, and i wonder if that's me, i swear i'm not trying to make my life difficult for in, these people enjoy drama? i don't think i do...
are you one of these people? any ideas?

08/24/2010 16:44

Love your earrings, they're stunning and I agree miss bolivia is gorgeous xx


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