I try to justify my procrastination by telling myself that it makes me happy...
it somewhat does, but most of the time, in the end, I just feel guilty for not having done anything productive..
I've done a half-assed job at cleaning up my room, I suppose most of my clothes are in my wardrobe now and not lying around my room on the floor, in un-unpacked suitcases/carrybags, boxes..lying over chairs..on my bed..on the armchair..on the desk..on the mini garbage bin i've got.. oh dear, as I scan around the room, there's still endless amounts of clothing all over, but hey, it's an improvement?
I went searching through random drawers (most of them are open, so that I have more room to just dump stuff.. gosh I'm sooo incredibly messy.. I really doubt there's a person in the world any worse than me..
But yeah, so.. I found all these random pairs of sunglasses I've collected from over the years!
They make me happy :D, but they're not really functional, most of them don't fit me, I just found them amusing.. :)
I should post up a picture of these :)
Other than that, I've just been catching up on the hot30.. is that sad? That I have to set aside time to catch up on pop culture? People drive..and hear the radio.. I'm quite oblivious in vehicles.. I don't notice anything. I'm in my own world..
How are people so aware of the real world? I don't listen to the news, watch the news, or read the news.. I hate reading, I'm quite incompetent at it.. Is there no version of television news I can stream online for NSW Australia? If so, please let me know.. because I have no idea.. and would really like to get in touch with this world of ours! (in a lazy way of course)
So.. I'm going to take a picture of my sunnies now :) BRB
I realise that's a bit haphazard..so I tried to organise it nicely for you :)
Little things amuse me.. and I can't help but buy them..
I need a better camera.. everything looks so dingy..
Oh wells :) I think I'm going to start wearing them all again.. probably wait for summer actually..or spring
I want spring to come around.. I'm sick of winter now..
OK that's all for now, back to my procrastinating..then hopefully some productivity...
what's a good way to (lazily) keep informed about the world?

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