my fav purchase from my 2nd melbourne trip <3
don't you love being able to say that something is from a special time and place?

09/11/2010 07:48

woops i left the last comment on the wrong post lol this is the one with the cool and cas dress :P

09/11/2010 08:06

Love it, darling. You look so great. Lots of love.

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09/11/2010 18:12

Gorgeous outfit, love that belt xx

09/11/2010 20:30

Short and very sweet indeed! I like your outfit :) The proportions are well-evened out by your clever use of the belt :D

-Gayle from <a href="http://www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com/">www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com</a>

09/11/2010 20:31

great look! love that belt and agree, when you purchase something on holiday or receive as a gift from someone, it always carries a special significance

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09/12/2010 05:24

Yes, I love that!

And I love your top with the belt.
The fabric looks very nice and comfortable (:


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